Space Age Senior Prom

by Zerobot

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The official debut LP release from Zerobot


released June 12, 2015

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice

Produced & Engineered by Rjan Savary at The Zerobot Containment Unit

Cover design by Adam Stone at Low Bell Studio
Cover model: Laura Musholt.

All songs written by Zerobot



all rights reserved


Zerobot Boston, Massachusetts

Zerobot are purposefully ruining their beautiful surf-pop music by inserting frenetic bursts of fuzz & chaotic noise.

In the year 2027, Zerobot, the biggest band in the world, will break up, causing their fans (7/10 of the world's population) to commit mass suicide. Guilt-stricken, they traveled back in time to warn their past selves. And thus the fuzzy ruination began.
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Track Name: Space Age Senior Prom
We've killed the ugliness
We're flush with all the glitz and glamour
The tops begun to sway
It's counterfeit and weak, but we're eager to jump on

Cover up the cracks this great beautify disaster
Crawling up the backs of people who held on
And we'll be there when they're gone

Leave if you're hysterical
We won't notice if you're gone
We've rode this old carousel to the ground
But don’t let me talk you down

The colors of our dreams
Projected on the the walls ceiling
Bursting from our minds
and swirling like the eye of a planetary sky

Don't let me talk you down
It's all we believe we'll ever have
Don't let me talk you down
It's all we'll ever feel and care about

Rainbows an oil spill collecting on the flooded ground below
It's too late to go slow
We're running out of death before we're old
Track Name: Cargo
It's for the best if you slept through, the fabric's starting to rip and my mind's askew. I can't help shaking, but I'm still. Come save me.

Wrapped tightly and neatly, we close the gaps, content - we turn our backs. The pressure's making them twitch, but we smothered the alarms. I can't help shaking when I'm still. Come save me.

Flocked to the eyes of the red congregation, all because of everyone.
I'll provide you relief from virtue. What you see is all you need.

The effects are fatal. I'll be another compensated fool - an interchangeable mass - herd the lambs from the fall. I can't help notice what we built. Come save me.

Come one, come all, to the fall.
Track Name: Get Some Sleep
The furniture is missing
The ropes are on the floor
Inches seem like miles
Crawling gently towards the door

Serenade your anguish
Mocking every moan
Kiss and makeup
Get some sleep
Get some sleep

Steady around the corners
Toes along the edge
Management is eager to revoke your privileges
Settle down and listen
You are far too old to run
The madam gets no extra love

Careful all the beds are empty
Barricade the exits
Burn the cells

Smile for the patrons
No beauty goes to waste
Their ecstasy is your misery but they only get a taste
Stripped of your purpose
Hollowed out a space
for righteous ideologies
Built to bleed
& stay out of sight
Try and settle down for a while
Listen, follow me with a smile
You can stay the night
And stay out of sight
Try and settle down for a while
The madam gets no extra love

Missed your chance to die
The cage and the whip collide
Liberate the ones that exist to hide
Carrying the pain keeps you alive
Track Name: Fallout
You and I could be a finely tuned machine for the manufacturing of dust and cobwebs.
Our lives are lingering in limbo and the bar's been set so low, we've given up and we just lay down.

Just now I swear I thought I heard the sound of falling bombs
I said it all along - the world will end within my lifetime
But we're safe in our fallout shelter - nothing good or bad gets in or out

I found our Polaroid and was silently amazed to see the reds and blues and greens.
We've been inside so long that the photocopied grays are all we see - so just stay down.
Track Name: Bombs Away
On Planet Shopping Mall, everything is plastic and the moon's a giant spinning disco ball.
We've got the platinum, designer DNA on display.

Let's pretend the future looks clear and bright and nothing could ever go wrong. We won't pay attention when all the decorations and ornaments we've hung here fall to the ground and everything topples down.

We live on a movie set. We build it up and tear it down depending on how bored we get. The camera's out of film - what difference does it make, either way?

We can put our guns to our heads.
We can count down from ten.
We can pull the triggers one by one and we'll fall to pavement like dominoes with blood stains. And we'd crawl and dig till we get to Heaven, but it's too much work.

We've got the fuses set. We've got the planet rigged with dynamite. I've got a cigarette. We're staging history's largest fireworks display. Bombs away.

We saw the revolutions on television all our lives - no one gets hurt, it's pure entertainment. All the little pieces of planets spin around us and nobody cares - we'll just float here until we die.
Track Name: Unrecognizable
The war will die with you. Your monument will be unrecognizable - chipped granite and cement.

When all the lies you've told are stripped away...
When all the soldiers turn and march the other way...
When time has taken all your weaponry away...
You will find me dancing on your grave

The war will die with you. Your memory will be unrecognizable - just burned books and shredded files.

And you'll like it. I'm going to see that you like it.
Track Name: Zirconia
Criminal mind with victim's eyes and a soft, sad smile - she's a cemetery angel statue with a flickering neon halo. Cannibalized between her thighs, it's just a saccharine, sick distraction. But I don't even care, I've given up.

I'm just another fool who wants a diamond in the rough.

Enough's enough, Zirconia - someone should have told you, you were never worth your shine. Your house of sticks, and parlor tricks are cheap and tacky compliments to flatter your disguise.

Tantalizing light refractions make mirages out of passions. She'll cry and she'll cry and she'll cry and she'll cry and decide to cry and cry and cry and cry.

I believe dependence is the strongest kind of drug.

You're sick and you're scared these things will come to light and come to life. But fear can look so pretty, look so pretty, look so fucking pretty.
Track Name: Chaos & Confusion
I am doubt, in case you haven't figured out. I'm making you consider things you've never thought before and questioning all the precious things that make up your foundations as I shake them to the core.

I am doubt, in case you haven't figured out. i'm gnawing your security blanket like a moth and answering when you ask rhetorically. I'm entering your psyche and screaming till I'm hoarse.

(I'm) causing chaos and confusion (and) shattering your shared illusions. Conspiracy? Or just collusion? Pardon me for....

Thought you had it all worked all along. Thought that you could tunnel out, but you're wrong - I'll bury you. I'll make you question all you've done and still might do.

I am doubt, in case you haven't figured out. I'm causing chaos and confusion. Pardon me for the intrusion.
Track Name: Be Kind To Your Neighbor
Closer till he fogs for glass.
A tired empty face that’s looking back.
Sinking into madness
A comfortable exhaustion

The other side is beyond repair
And the view is overwhelming
Circle up the fortunate
Watch them count their blessings

Ridiculed and terrorized.
The thoughts are blistering his mind.
Strangled and bent from lies
The compromise is not worth saving

A ration spared for the others
Who don't kiss and tell at gunpoint
Rewards are kept in boxes
I need a night off

And the acts of all who rose
Will drown in pools of envy
Abandoning all hope
So be kind to your neighbor